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Vivek Anavatti Satya Murthy: “Krav Maga came in Handy”
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Vivek Anavatti Satya Murthy: “Krav Maga came in Handy”

Krav Maga Practitioner Mr. Vivek Anavatti Satya Murthy [KravMagaSelfDefenseBengaluru.in] [Post] I'm so glad I took krav maga classes with you. The training came in handy yesterday :) Yesterday night at about 10.30, I was returning home from office. I was riding my motorcycle. Traffic signal was green for me and I was crossing the road when two guys in a scooty jumped the red signal and suddenly came in my way. I gave them a verbal abuse and continued my way. After I had gone some half kilometer, I heard someone shours ting at me. It was the guys in the scooty and they had chased me all the way!! I stopped my bike and both of us got down and abused each other for a couple of minutes. I then realised that the guys were drunk. One of the guys threatened me that he knows that locali...
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