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Video: Krav Maga Punching Bags Drills
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Video: Krav Maga Punching Bags Drills

Excerpt from Guru Franklin Joseph Various Punching Bags drills in Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore Israeli Self Defense Mixed Martial Arts Academy. Swanand Lele, Anu Philip, and Shirish Iyer watch your guards. I am quite happy with them slight improvements needed especially in the head guards positions. Remember we are in a real life scenario with possible multiple attackers so we do NOT have the liberty to assume we will only be attacked from the front. --- Guru Franklin Joseph Guru Franklin Joseph is a Israeli certified Senior Civilian Instructor of Krav Maga Bangalore, an Israeli Elite Military Self Defense Combat system very different from Mixed Martial Arts with no-rules, battle-tested, fast-paced, reflex-action based tactics dedicated to no-holds-barred combat for the purpo...
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