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Bangalore Mirror Newspaper: Stand in line for helpline
Krav Maga Press Coverage

Bangalore Mirror Newspaper: Stand in line for helpline

The question is: To dial 100 or not when you need help. While some say that the emergency helpline came to their aid, there are others who question its 'functioning'. The cops have their say too She was walking down the road to catch a ride home; the bus stop was five minutes away. 10.45 pm; the city was not yet asleep, but it was winding down for the day. The Trinity Church road, leading to old Airport road, was bereft of pedestrians, except for Kavita Kumari, a journalist with a national weekly. Clad in mommy-jeans, sneakers, XXL kurta, and carrying a plump backpack, Kumari walked tall and strong at 5'9" and 89 kgs. She didn't notice the bare road or the eerie silence punctuated occasionally by a noisy horn of a speeding Qualis. She's been a news woman for more than a decade; travelli...
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