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Franklin Joseph ‘Fighting Fit’ article : TimeOut Bengaluru Magazine
Krav Maga Press Coverage

Franklin Joseph ‘Fighting Fit’ article : TimeOut Bengaluru Magazine

Guru Franklin Joseph, CEO and Chief Instructor Franklin Joseph Krav-Maga Self-Defense Academy, Bangalore is featured in main article of TimeOut Bengaluru Magazine. In the January edition of Timeout Bengaluru Magazine, under the 'Fighting Fit' main feature, the magazine has listed 10 ways to get healthy. In the 6th Fitness resolution, they have listed 'Learn Self Defense'. The author Asawari Ghatage was nice enough to invite me into her office headquarte to understand about the workshops I conduct. She was highly impressed by Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense tactics as well my Power to Women Psychological Empowerment Corporate workshops against Crime, Violence, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse. She in fact asked a very good and intelligent question which rarely a reporter have asked me....
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