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27-28 Apr. Dharwad-Dandeli River Boot Camp
Krav Maga Boot Camps

27-28 Apr. Dharwad-Dandeli River Boot Camp

Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academyhad a very successful Dharwad-Dandeli Adventure Krav-Maga Boot Camp attended by Bangalore IKMF members in Dharwad, Karnataka. Feedback by Jean 1st Dharwad-Dandeli Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore Boot Camp Participant Leaving the studio for an outdoor training is definitely a must-do, and not only once but regularly. Even more for a life-event based discipline such as Krav Maga, since troubles won't happen in a nice and well-equipped studio but in the street, in the water, in the jungle, on an unstable ground, under a hot sun, and many more. A great thing we worked on was adaptation. When we fight in the jungle, or on a kayak there are tons of new elements to take care of: balance, obstacles to avoid, multiple opponents, can I ...
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