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Mar.31: Controlled Aggression & Pain Conditioning Workshop
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Mar.31: Controlled Aggression & Pain Conditioning Workshop

Objective: Most of the attacks on the street especially by multiple attackers will happen without warning and with violence so chances of getting hit before you are ready are always high. How to condition your mind and body to handle the punishment of violent attacks as well as how to control your aggression to channelise the anger or fear to increase the chances of survival. Anyone can join, remember the fear is your biggest enemy here, expect few bruises and cuts in the Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Bangalore Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academy's workshop. You will emerge free from fear after the workshop! Venue: Cubbon Park (Meeting first at Rooftop House no. 3, Curley Street, Richmond Town) Timing: 8 AM Sunday Date: 31st March Sunday Fees: 1000 (3 hours workshop) : Bring ...
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