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Alishetty Amarender: Download January Poster 2012
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Alishetty Amarender: Download January Poster 2012

Download the Computer Krav Maga Poster Wallpaper Men 2012 [KravMagaSelfDefenseBengaluru.in] [Post] Click here to download 1024 resolution Alishetty Amarender I meet Alishetty Amarender in Hyderabad when I went there to establish Krav Maga. I found him to be a very passionate man dedicated for his training in martial arts. I meet him few days before in Facebook chat after a long time and I was amazed by his flexibility, fitness and skill sets shown in his photos. He is one of such people who a teacher like me love to invest his time nurturing, training and educating. I miss working with you Alishetty Amarender as I know you are in Hyderabad and I am in Bangalore, but my prayears nd wishes are with you always. He was kind enough to allow me to use his photos to start off our Franklin J...
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