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5 Stars
It’s good, top quality training and very honest to students about cost and everything about krav maga. Gives no bs training, keeps it professional and serious at the same time.

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Rohit Subhash

5 Stars
Started my training with Franklin Joseph sir. He is an excellent teacher with real knowledge and experience. The classes are gripping and action -packed to awake the warrior within.

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Abraham Jose

5 Stars
Self defence in today’s world is an absolute must for everyone. There is no excuse for not being able to take care of oneself and no better place to learn this than with Franklin Joseph.

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Ganga Shankar

5 Stars
ALL AGE group should join… Gender is not an issue… Schools should make Krav Maga compulsory… Home makes take time to join 3 months course Guruji Franklin Joseph… He gives drills and exercises with realistic experience…. Caters to individual needs… Explains technique and skill in easy manner… Helps you to recognize your fears and empowers it…

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Priyamvada Janardhan

5 Stars
Personally for me, it has been a transformative experience so far.. People there are very respectful and handle some of the most tabooed topics with tact and ease.. Guruji’s sense of humour and how much to push us so that we get out of comfort zone however not to make it detrimental, is close to perfect..

It has changed my perspective in so many ways.. For me the best part is the emphasis on the psychology and principles more than tactics.. We take notes as well… (Hate it, sorry Guruji 😂) but as I move on to more capsules I sort of understand the need to maintain notes..

There is something to learn from everything we do there.. Yes it is intense, and yes, I would recommend this 100% cause so many of us are not even aware of the stuff that happens right under our own noses 🤷‍♀️ (a big hit to my ego which used to think I can guage people)

There are a lot of things, each one receives it in their own way and each ones’ experience is different.. It is definitely worth a try cause it will definitely save you one day (hope it does not come to use, but it is always better to be prepared and alert)…

Long way to go but it is a nice journey.

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Gaurav Singh

5 Stars
I remember when I was working in Bellary… way back in 2009.. I founded Frank sir… teaching Krav Maga in Banglore….I came in contact with him… and started my training on every Sundays… I used to travel every weekend to Bangalore…but after super training session full of energy…… me and frank sir…. used to have lunch in restaurants….. then we go to different malls in Bangalore….. as we have lot of time to catch our… trains….

sir… your training was fantastic…. I miss…. every class something new.. comes out… your training method are unique………. best thing I like is your attitude towards… training…… and everyone… whether he is fresher or old student… everyone feels same….. We used to do basic attack and defence drills, power drills, chocking, bag work, locks, outdoor drills in the garden,stick,knife and gun training, ground fight, situational training, conditioning classes……..I remember my practice mates also… We used to enjoy a lot in training……… Sir, I hope…. I would get more chances to train under you…..I think I have been addicted to your training …… but its good isn’t it… hahaha

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Pullagura Uma Sankar

5 Stars
Very effective training. Helpful in both ways physically and mentally.
Frankly speaking training is worth the time, energy and Expenditure we are spending.
Come here to develop the mindset of a warrior.

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Suryaansh Srihari

5 Stars
I have been training in KRAV MAGA for more than 10 years and these years were the best years of my life. Training in Krav Maga is perfect for fitness, self defence and many other things which help in this world a lot. We get a lot of experience like we are actually in a crime situation. In this class we don’t only learn to fight but we also learn how to control our self and know exactly when to fight. We also get to go to boot camps to places like jungles and other places with hardcore conditions. These trips help us get rough and tough and a lot more stronger than we are. Thank you so much guru-ji for making me the way I am today.

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Vinay Koraddi

5 Stars
The training seems very good and effective especially in a non-rules based street fight or crime scenario. I got to learn lots of things about Krav Maga Israeli Self Defense with Guru Franklin Joseph. During my training, I am learning many things from Franklin Joseph sir, and I feel a bit safe on the streets. And on top of it, training helps me in keeping my mind in control and calm under stress.

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Pronoy Dey

5 Stars
A great place to learn how to deal with real-life situations on the street. Guruji Franklin Joseph prepares you mentally and physically for the street. We do not just learn combat effectiveness and efficiency but we also learn about how to deal with anything that life throws at us. If you are reading this review please read this carefully….. The training is hardcore. You will deal with pain and fatigue in every session. It is not going to be easy. But then, if it was easy then all the elite commandos (IDF, Marcos, Marines) and other elite armed forces across the globe would not be adopting Krav Maga massively. There is no dry land swimming in Krav Maga classes, everything is tried and tested on actual situations and people. Krav Maga is real, effective and evolving with time. Criminals and other anti-social elements are always thinking of new and effective ways of hurting us. We should not restrict ourselves from learning new ways to defend ourselves and our loved ones. There is an ancient saying that says – “It is better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in a war.” – Unknown”

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Manuj Jha

5 Stars
Joining Franklin Joseph Krav Maga has been one of the best decisions of my life… The training is focused on real life threat scenarios and Guru Frank ensures that each student is ready for the actual threat both physically and mentally… Guru Franklin Joseph has a plethora of experience in self defense which is reflected in the class. He pushes students out of their comfort zones while ensuring everyone’s safety at each stage…
Thanks to Guru Frank for he has completely changed my life…

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Jyothi G.

5 Stars
Jai Hind! Franklin Joseph at Krav Maga is an awesome trainer. There is a drastic change in my son’s overall personality after being a part of this team. It injects extreme confidence in an individual with a strong sense of self defense mechanism. Thank you and keep rocking with many more people in to the academy!!

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Jai Bansal

5 Stars
The experience with Franklin Joseph Sir has been amazing. The type of drills, knowledge, weapons techniques he teaches is something I only wished (much like most people after watching in movies) to have learnt. That wish came true through BadAzz which not only helps you with the physical defense but also the mental strength to deal with difficult situations which we always hope not to face in real life. Some people might find it difficult at beginning considering it’s unorthodox. We think of offense straight away while Krav Maga teaches us to be defensive first and then offensive if needed. The main point is to avoid a threatening situation and if we can’t avoid, to get away from it without getting hurt. People who come expecting this is martial arts, would be disappointed though Krav Maga incorporates moves from most martial arts technique. Krav Maga is not for people who want to show off, it’s for people who want to stay safe. People who understand the serious threats we might face in our daily lives, understand the dangerous world we live in, should meet Frank sir and entrust him for teaching some of his vast knowledge that he gained from numerous real life experiences. I am absolutely grateful for all the learning I have gained so far.

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Somsubhra Ganchoudhuri

5 Stars
If you want to be prepared for real life crime scenario, this is the place to join. Its a no nonsense rigorous course. Krav Maga also helps you in enhancing your fitness and strength. Guru Franklin Joseph has dedicated his whole life to Krav Maga. You can learn a lot from him.

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Amolak Sachdeva

5 Stars
If you want to learn real self-defense then Guruji Franklin Joseph‘s Krav Maga Self Defense Military Combat Academy is the best place in Bangalore. Guruji Frank and Mr. Swanand are passionate instructors, teaching their students skills that develop confidence & situation awareness, and that could potentially save their life. The environment is very positive and the students and instructors support and encourage one another. There are no-nonsense tricks. You will be pushed out of your comfort zone to handle real life situations. I would strongly recommend this place to learn self-defense. Jai Hind!

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Sharath Raj

5 Stars
I have been training with Franklin Joseph Guruji for 6 months now. I have attended camps and completed various capsule training sessions. It’s not like the rest of the classes out there who teach only the combat skills. Here we get to learn the science behind every move we learn and use this skills to apply in various situations. The streets can be pretty rough and there are scumbags out there who don’t care about anything except themselves. These classes help a person to be able to defend against any such situations and be able to get out of it. Guruji is very pragmatic. I urge everyone to join his classes so you can learn to defend yourselves at the time of need. This helped me calm down and assess situations from a broader perspective. Hope you all start training soon!! Cheers 🙂

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Rishi KT

5 Stars
Krav Maga is very effective system as it gets improvised frequently to deal with ever changing crime situations.

Is it easy – NO. No training is easy, period. We need to work, Work hard.

The toughest part is finding the right coach who could shape your skills. Guruji’s has amazing knowledge in Krav Maga and excellent curriculum & capsules to suit one’s need. He brings combat science & psychological aspects in training which are very helpful. Classes are designed to improve physical, Mental strength, develop skills. Weight loss is free !!

Me & My daughter have been active Krav Maga practitioners in Guruji’s academy from past many years. Training brought in confidence and made us more careful, respectful towards to life.

Thank you Guruji Franklin Joseph for your time & effort in this space.

Jai hind !

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Dr Sandeep Nayak

5 Stars
It is essential that we all know how to defend ourselves. For professionals hard pressed for time, this has to be done in as short a duration as possible. Self defence always had interested me. When I went through the options I realised that Krav Maga is the simplest and most practical option for me as it goes straight to the point. The courses by Mr Franklin Joseph are very practical and is oriented towards what we face in real life. I have liked it and learnt a lot.

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Bajrang Harithsa

5 Stars
I always wanted to learn a self defense technique, found out Krav Maga training in google by coincidence. I gave it a try, it’s been few months now. Every weekend I look forward to attending the class. Guruji Franklin Joseph is an expert in Krav Maga, he is the right person from who you can get trained. The training sessions are not easy, if you desire to learn a self defense form then you should give a try to this.Hope my review helps the fellow readers.:)

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Prajyot Prabhu

5 Stars
Jai Hind.

It was a great unique experience learning krav maga tactics. Guruji Franklin Joseph is highly knowledgeable and explained details about each tactic. He guides every student and makes sure that there no mistakes as there is no room for mistake when you are in real fight.

I would recommend this training to everyone out there to protect themselves and their families during any unpredictable situations. It also imparts discipline and helps in personality development.

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Vikram Jit Singh

5 Stars
It is an honor to be a student of Guru-ji Franklin Joseph who has a vast experience and an in-depth knowledge of the art of Krav Maga. The classes are intense which involve a mixture of endurance training and technique training. Your will power is tested and you are brought to an uncomfortable position and pushed to perform in it. It definitely is not something for the faint hearted but will definitely convert a weak one to a strong one. Apart from the mixed martial arts, Krav Maga basically teaches you the art of self-defense, going by the principle “the best defense is the strongest offence”. After attending the classes, you’ll realize a how drastically your overall self-confidence is boosted, your fitness level is increased and how you are now able to deal with several kinds of stresses from all domains of life.

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5 Stars
I believe if you have to learn self defence which works, this is the place to be.
The teaching is very practical and Guruji Franklin Joseph is an excellent guide in this regard. Every tactic and move is explained in a scientific way and no matter how many times you approach Guruji, he is very keen on teaching the right way.

The training involves warm ups, power drills, tactics and sparring which all prepare you for self discipline, calmness, alertness and reacting to the uninvited stressful situation in a proper way. I have thoroughly enjoyed the classes so far. It surely makes a difference in your life.

Jai Hind !!!

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Sahas Ranganathan

5 Stars
I’ve known guruji Franklin Joseph since 2013. He is one of the best krav maga instructors in the country. His classes are a good mix of theory, practical sparring, combat mechanics, and self defence techniques. Despite krav maga adopting its techniques from several other forms of martial arts, what we learn here is the science behind combat and how to effectively use the assailants power against him using raw combat mechanics. Simple to learn, takes time to master and highly effective in real life scenarios. I highly recommend him for anyone who is serious about self defence. Jai hind.

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Gene Lobo

5 Stars
Krav Maga is the most real system I have the honor to practice. My aim to help protect myself or my family against most crimes. Franklin Joseph Combat Academy helps me keep my focus on the reality aspect of crime like stress factors, surprise elements, pain etc. which most other centers have either no knowledge or little knowledge about. All thanks to our Guru Franklin Joseph who has extensive knowledge of street crime and has researched on safety since 1986 especially on Women related crime & abuse.

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Nikhil Ramesh

5 Stars
I have known Guruji Franklin Joseph for the past six months now and about to start my fourth month in training here. Guruji is very practical and tells you in the face on the first day itself that he is preparing you for the real life situation on the streets. Right from the warm up, power drills and the various tactics involved, he teaches you about the various science involved behind each and every thing. Tactics can be learnt by anyone but along with the teaching of science involved and the hard core training that goes along with it, it will be imbibed in our muscle memory forever. Also after learning from a personal point of view, I can see a drastic change in how I look and decipher things now. I have become more self disciplined and calm simultaneously and know when and where to channelise my aggression. Also the sparring sessions after classes helps us in our own learning on what mistakes we can do while looking at others. I would urge everyone out there who wants to learn self defence to please come and try learning from Guruji. Jai Hind

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Anoop Jayaprakash

5 Stars
I have been wanting to learn martial arts for quite some time and was confused on which one to pursue. I started doing my research and eventually began watching lot of Krav Maga videos online. I slowly started developing an interest in this and found it very effective. The videos tell you to tackle the opposition as soon as possible; but this can be possible only with flawless technique, regular practice and a dedicated approach in learning this art form. This went on for a couple of months before I actually approached Guru Frank.
So I decided to visit Guruji Franklin Joseph one day and attend one of his classes to see how things are done versus what happens in the online videos that I have been watching. Well I would definitely say that Guruji’s classes are tough, there is a lot of exertion (both mental and physical) and overcoming these hurdles and pursuing it is a decision one has to make before joining. But if you are eager to learn this form of combat and master it, this is the minimum you need to do. And I have already taken the first step by joining these classes. I should say that some of the internal orientations/sessions/games that Guruji conducts are very effective and aligns to the actual life scenarios (you can literally relate to this). This is my third month and I feel inquisitive to get there every weekend and learn; not just from Guruji but even from the seniors too. I don’t know if Krav Maga fits the bill of martial arts, but it is definitely a way of life for me and I will definitely teach my son the same things I learn from Guruji.
I really appreciate the patience, time and effort one takes to travel such a long distance to teach this combat form every weekend; hats off to Guruji – Jai Hind!

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Bharat Rajashekar

5 Stars
Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Training taught by Frank sensei, amazing to be part of this Training Academy. This is the kind of academy where you learn something new every class. Wished I had joined earlier.

Frank sensei’s contribution and dedication to Martial Arts shows in the class. You just don’t learn Krav Maga, but Knife Skills, Weapon Skills, Ground Fighting, Ninja Kubaton, among many more survival skills required in the street.

Its only been a month, and I’m confident that I can self defend against anyone. To imbibe this kind of confidence within a month shows the effectiveness of the training by Sensei Frank.

Its a unique experience, best place to add close combat skills into your life.

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S Arun

5 Stars
Guru Franklin Joseph is a game changer and a person transformer. While the technique he teaches is self defense, what the students learn is self confidence, total ability to preserve oneself and most importantly, they come back as brave people who are ready to protect themselves fearlessly when intimidated. I am glad I met him and even more grateful that his techniques were taught to us. If you want your children to be better fearless people and if you want to change your life to make oneself a better person, it is never late to learn from Guru Franklin.

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Shaktik Shenoy

4 Stars
It was an important decision for me, and I’m glad I took it. Two months into Franklin Joseph Krav Maga training and I feel more at ease with every situation, Guruji (Franklin Joseph) is a teacher par excellence !
To join his class, was one of the smartest decisions I’ve taken in my life.
On the lighter side, my mum worries less about me 🙂

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M Madhuri

5 Stars
Want to defend yourself or want to transform oneself as a warrior? Warrior doesn’t mean how its depicted in movie like trained to beat any or every!! It’s a journey to explore oneself like meditation or mindfulness, but in a tough way… You are in right place!

It is not easy, it’s a struggle and a constant learning. I’m 4 months old here, I feel I learnt so much at the same time its total void.

Guruji Franklin Joseph providing an opportunity to transform ourselves and fight for living – fight one’s – insecurities, comfort, pain, fears, stress and one’s own filthy wicked mind.
His teaching is different, not only teaches the technique but also the science, impact, pain and effects.
Prepare you to face real life instances, to tackle situations on street – it’s all in our mind. This will have an impact on your personality!!

For a woman like me, this helped me to be vigilant about the situations and surroundings. Different capsule training helps you to self defend against different types of crimes. I got trained along with men, combat with men, this helped in breaking the comfort, build confidence, strength to deal with any kind of person. You get educated about the crimes etc and prepare you to be strong for the worst. Women need these training to come out of the comfort zones considering the crimes happening.

Sometimes in the training, you would be exhausted with the drills or motivated by the talk. Everyone has a fair amount of exposure towards “Bad”, but there is whole lot of different ways to be “BAD” he throws light on what is being “Bad” and how dark it is !! What is required to beat the Bad, u have to be KICKASS Strong !! mentally!!
This training would prepare you to a level, at least, one can face “Bad”, one’s mind is ready for it.

You will feel good doing it, cry with pain, body will ache, your mind will shout to give up, but trust me you will end up loving this dynamic feel.
Pain will be your friend, chaos will be comfort well comfort is so annoying 😊

I wish I had this class daily.. Weekends, even I feel lazy, for after effects of 2 hrs class and to let my week’s stress/frustration out – I did not give up. This training helping me explore myself – one class I’ll be confident next day I’m a looser. Guruji, keeps you motivated not being nice, hitting hard on your pain!! 😊It’s fun and painful at the same time. Don’t come with an expectation that u will be a warrior with 2-3months, it’s a slow and steady process !!
THIS KNOWLEDGE DOES NOT TELL YOU TO FIGHT ON THE GROUND INSTEAD HELPS TO JUDGE THE SITUATION – HOW TO TACKLE IT, EVEN IT COULD BE WITH A TALK OR A HUG. Trained doesn’t mean you are ready to hit anyone, its situation judgement to react or respond – very important!

Guruji I wish for your long life and keep training people who seek this combat knowledge.
Thank you for coming to Bangalore and teaching us “civilians” these techniques which are only meant for privileged Group of people.
Jai Hind !!

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Lakshmishree V

5 Stars
Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality

I did this class for 6 months until I moved away from bangalore. I honestly miss these classes and sir. Franklin Joseph is such a cool teacher! I had done kick boxing for a few months before krav maga and was disappointed because all I did was the same kicks and punches for 3 months and wasn’t learning anything. But the krav maga class was amazing, everyday I was learning something new, either about a new technique, or about the human body, or how to handle different situations, or just getting a new perspective and outlook on your everyday life. It is very useful for women AND men. It not only improves your physical strength but also your mental strength and that is invaluable. It reinforces that all of us can always stand up to unfairness, regardless of where this is coming from. The teacher and all the students are very respectful and friendly. I never ever felt uncomfortable, for being a girl or for being less fit than some others. The whole point to to get stronger! I highly recommend this class, so if you are reading this because you are unsure, don’t be, just try it.

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Rajdeep Ghosh

5 Stars
Its the real deal ! It is only for those who seriously want to learn hand combat in real life situations.
This is not yet another fitness program, you cannot learn this unless are committed and emotionally strong. Guru Frankin Joseph is tough, disciplined, believes in being hands on and is very dependable, to help shape you up a combatant attitude.
Small injuries and pain is rather common but the feeling is liberating and you will walk in the open with increased sense of confidence and maturity.

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Soura Roy

5 Stars
Training is tough and based on real life scenario. Flexible timings and centers are spread across all over Bangalore. Trainer is punctual and has very good knowledge on the subject. I was looking long time for a good martial art/ self-defense class, and this one fulfills all of my requirements.

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Abhinv Das

5 Stars
Krav Maga is considered the deadliest close combat martial art in the world. Nothing gets more lethal or deadlier than this.

Guruji Franklin Joseph with his real life experience and advanced Krav Maga training moulds students to the level of professional fighters. He emphasises on tactics but more importantly he advocates the ability of a Krav Maga student to understand and implement the theory and the basics in a real life situation.

This is not a sport and he doesn’t prepare you for one. He prepares you to fight a life and death battle, he makes sure that when you have a knife or a gun to your back, you get out alive and your opponent is lying on the ground writhering in pain.

I am lucky to have gotten the opporunity to learn something so coveted. It helps inspire self confidence and a sense of security in our steadily growing insecure world.

My respect and thanks to Guruji Frank and his entire team at Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defense Academy Bangalore.

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Adwaith Uthappa

5 Stars
I have been training in this institution from almost an year and i haven’t ever felt a little bit of disappointment with the teaching. When I joined Krav Maga my Guruji Franklin Joseph had clearly told me everything about the classes, how it goes, how hectic it is, what is the end result of training, what exactly we deal with. I sounded a bit scary but then same time he made me understand that all such things happen in a street fight and to defend yourself from the bad guys you need to become a bad guy.(Bad here doesn’t mean a criminal) I started my training and I sprained both my hands in the third week of my session. I couldn’t move them. But still I fought through my pain and came back to my class. And the classes are soo much fun and interesting that everyday single day you learn something new and and everyday you become a better warrior. And the best part is my Guru-ji doesn’t spoon feed us with everything. He lets us think, how we could deal with the situation And what would be the end result of it. That helps us alot in a street fight. You think according to the situation and deal with it. Couple of months ago we had workshop in cubbon Park “Anti terror and Hostile situation” I was soo excited about it. Was full prepared for the rough day. I went reported to my Guru-ji and the session began. First 15min of the class I jumped and landed on a stone which was covered with dry leaves and wasn’t seen and broke my ankle. I was heartbroken. Still I ran with the broken leg and tried to stay in the training. But unfortunately I couldn’t stand longer and I was asked to get back home. Doctors told me there is a old fracture and now a ligament tear and I need to take very good rest for few months. I was very sad not that I broke my ankle, sad that I didn’t complete the whole workshop. Now I have recovered from my injury and I’m all set to go back to my training and kick some asses.
Krav Maga Capsules | Private Diploma | Fees & Address
Call 9886769281 to join Krav Maga Self Defense.

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Social Entrepreneur, C.E.O. & Specialist
Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph is a Social Entrepreneur, Founder and C.E.O. of Indian Institute of Strategic Threat-Intelligence Analysis & Combat Tactical Science (I.I.S.T.A.C.T.S.), Dharwad. The main organization – I.I.S.T.A.C.T.S. have various projects that focus on empowering the men, women and children to prevent, avoid or escape from crime, violence, sexual harassment and sexual abuse. Some projects are Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defence Academy, Power To Women Corporate Workshops & Girl Safety Empowerment & Girl Self Defence Wellness Education Workshops for Schools and Colleges.
Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defence Academy, Bengaluru, Hubballi & Dharwad
In 2007, Mr. Franklin Joseph migrated from Delhi to Karnataka & founded Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defence Academy. He recently started Krav Maga Self Defense in Hubballi Dharwad too. In these academy, apart from learning Israeli Military Krav Maga Self Defence tactics, these one-of-a-kind unique life saving skill-set exclusively incorporated by Specialist Guru-ji Franklin Joseph are added to your training.
  • Pro-active Combat Science
  • Guerrilla Hit & Run Deception Strategy
  • Neuro-Behavioral Crisis Management
  • Warrior Mindset
  • Fear Counterinsurgency
  • Pro-Failure Conversion Technique
  • Psychological Anti-Stress Conditioning
  • Pre-Conflict Situational Awareness
  • Post-Battle Quick Response
  • Violence De-Escalation Techniques
  • Stealth & Evasive Tactics
  • Verbal Modulation Instructions
  • Crime Radar Deterrence Manoeuvre
  • Emotional & Critical Balance
  • Criminal Profiling
  • Rope & Hammer Combat Fitness
  • Tyre Bone Rugged Drills
  • Body & Mind Pain Conditioning
  • Decrypting Pre-Crime Sequence
  • Battle Strength Training etc.
Mr. Franklin Joseph started his Krav Maga training in 2003 under Mr. Vicky Kapoor, Chief Instructor of Krav Maga in India. He was internationally certified as a Senior Civilian Maga Self Defence Instructor (2003 batch) and was the Regional Director of the International Krav Maga Federation (‘I.K.M.F.’) at Bangalore from 2007 onwards till 2012. He had also trained under and was certified by the Grandmaster Avi Moyal, Chief Instructor, I.K.M.F., Israel and has attended countless workshops by Krav Maga legends & stalwarts like Grandmaster Eyal Yanilov, Chief Instructor, K.M.G., Israel, Master Shlomi Moyal, Master Gabi Noah and Master Amnon Darsa etc. Now, he founded & run an independent organization – Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defence Academy in Bengaluru, Hubballi and Dharwad.
‘Guru-ji’ and ‘Dr. Safety’ are honorary alias given to him by his Krav Maga Self Defence practitioners. He also added Ninja Kubaton Pressure Points Self Defence Tool in his Krav Maga capsules to help promote its unique and amazing tactics.
Franklin JosephPower To Women Self Defense Corporate Workshops
Mr Franklin Joseph has conducted 400+ Power to Women Corporate Self Defence Workshops. These corporate women Self Defense workshops have been conducted PAN India from Jaipur to Hyderabad or Delhi to Bengaluru or Chennai to Kolkata etc. Lot of women who have learned Women Self Defense have shared their point of views on the training, hardships & rewards of learning from Guru-ji Franklin Joseph & Krav Maga Self Defense along with other elements uniquely & exclusively added in their training.
Many a times, Mr. Joseph has been invited as a guest lecturer on Girl-Child Self Defense in various universities and colleges like Indian Institute of Management – Bengaluru, National Institute of Technology – Trichy, S.I.E.S. College of Arts Science and Commerce – Mumbai, S.R.M. Institute of Science and Technology – Chennai, Mithibai College & Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology – Mumbai, Christ University & Jain University – Bengaluru etc.
Krystal Joseph & Franklin JosephiTeachiPower.inGirl Safety Empowerment & Girl Self Defence Wellness Education Workshops
Franklin Joseph founded – Girl Safety Empowerment & Girl Self Defense Wellness Education Workshop for schools & colleges. Ms. Krystal Joseph is the C.E.O. of and is also the youngest Instructor of Krav Maga & in Karnataka. Together we have conducted some online & workshops in various school & NGO like Unacademy, The Baale Mane, Kendriya Vidyalaya, D.V.B School etc.
Few of the objectives of Girl Safety Empowerment & Girl Self Defense Wellness Workshop are
  • Empower the girls with Krav Maga Self Defense based on reflex-action science
  • Recruit the best toppers as an instructor within the establishment
  • Train the staff, Certify the institution & establish a GIRL SAFE ZONE
  • Future Plans – Networking, Mentorship & Advance Training Boot Camps
Franklin Joseph‘s Award, Achievement, Recommendations & Clientele
In 2017, Franklin Joseph Krav Maga Self Defence Academy was granted ‘Best Service Excellence Award 2017’ by Luxury Travel Magazine, London, United Kingdom.
Mr. Franklin Joseph has imparted his training as an Assistant Instructor with National Security Guard (N.S.G.) or Black Cat Commandos.
He was also the Senior Krav Maga instructor training the I.P.S. & I.A.S. probationers officers in S.V.P. National Police Academy, Hyderabad. He has also trained Krav Maga Self Defence to women personal of the Hubballi-Dharwad Police.
United States of America Department – O.S.A.C. organization’s Indian Women Safety Report 2014 stating a recommendation -“Franklin Joseph is a good Self Defence instructor that also focuses on psychological empowerment in his workshops”.
Mr. Joseph was honorarily awarded a plaque for his commitment towards women entrepreneurship and economic empowerment by Government of Karnataka in ThinkBig 2016 Women Entrepreneurs Convention Exhibition.
Among Franklin Joseph prestigious clients include Government of India Indian Railways, Defence Research Development Organization (D.R.D.O.), Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (H.A.L.) and Bangalore Commissioner of Police along with Vanitha Sahayavani N.G.O.
Franklin Joseph workshops have been conducted in more than 100 corporate PAN India clients – NASSCOM, TATA, Amazon, L&T, Wipro, HP, APC, HSBC, Dell, TNT, Amazon, GE, COLT, Alcatel-Lucent, Harman, Syngene, Titan, P&G, Ebay Paypal, Cisco, Qualcomm, Dupont, Yahoo, 3M, ABB, Dupont, HCL, Deutsche Bank, ITC Group, Accenture, Cognizant, Monsanto, Tavant, NIIT, NESS, Infosys, Goldman Sacs, Thomson Reuters, Total etc.
Experiences that forged Franklin Joseph‘s spirit
Mr. Franklin Joseph was born into the slums of New Delhi, India, and from an early age, he was unwillingly exposed to some elements of sexual abuse and violent crime. After surviving 22-25 years in street violence and abusive circumstances, he gradually converted his bad experiences into positive knowledge. Today many of his projects have their base in what he learned from his grass-root level experience from crime, violence & abuse from his past merged with cutting edge scientific knowledge & skill set he has acquired since then.
In his TEDx talk video, he showcases his dark humour, skills and knowledge of ‘Combat Science’ with a jaw-dropping opening line “I See Dead People” indirectly referencing to the fact that lack of preparation against crime could be a fatal mistake. He is voluntarily self-retired after 11 years of working in the IT industry as a Creative Director, Project Manager, Senior Website Designer and Search Engine Optimization Specialist.
He also worked as a freelancer with Mr Kailash Satyarthi, Nobel Peace Prize Winner 2014 for 7 years when his quest to educate others to help them understand and deal with crime and violence was born.
Franklin Joseph‘s Modern yet Radical Approach
Mr Franklin Joseph, in essence, represents the changing face of self-defence especially women self-defence education. He is among the pioneers who have recognized just as crime is dynamic, changing and adapting, so too should crime prevention methodology and fighting tactics. He has tirelessly, and often at a great personal sacrifice to his financial growth or his family life, overcome enormous hurdles to advance the cause of helping improve safety for men, women & children. No matter what the cost, he is clear that he will achieve his mission of a safer world through proper education, training and a holistic approach to self-defence.
Press, TV & New Media presence of Franklin Joseph
Mr. Franklin Joseph has been featured in various articles or videos showcasing his goal of a safe world, free of abuse and crime, especially for girl-child and women. Some media names are Times of India, Hindustan Times, Bangalore Mirror, DNA, Deccan Herald, The New Indian Express, Deccan Chronicle etc., Magazines like Tehelka, 080 Bangalore, Bengaluru Pages,,, TimeOut Bengaluru etc., TV shows and News Channels like ZeeTv, CNN-Ibn, NDTV 24×7, TV9 News, Swarna Channel, Aaj Tak, Headlines Today, Times Now etc.
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